Economy 32" x 45½" XY Grid Board

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Smaller XY Axis Boards

Another OptiMA innovation! Smaller XY Axis dry erase boards from OptiMA Graphics.

These are still our very best quality, dry erase boards with an imprint of an X/Y axis grid but they're made on a slightly smaller board size 32" x 45½" so they can ship by UPS. A traditional 4x4 board is too large to ship by UPS and has to ship truck adding the shipping expense to your order. When you're on a tight budget these smaller XY grid boards make perfect sense.

These smaller XY boards are an OptiMA exclusive. No other company can offer them because only OptiMA makes our boards with the Opti-Print™ method. Everyone else has to rely on older technology of making boards using stock fused porcelain; this makes them unable to alter the size of the board or the design of the grid. So we make these in house we can improve our Opti-Prints™ boards however we want which allows us to offer you a smaller quality XY grid board like these.

You get a quality board too with an outstanding writing surface. The boards won't leave behind any type of ghosted image and will erase clean every time. Each board comes with a nice satin anodized aluminum trim, a full-length marker tray and installation hardware. Select from either a magnetic or a slightly less expensive non-magnetic writing surface. Magnetic surfaces will allow you to use magnetic accessories.

So keep some money in your budget and purchase our slightly smaller 32" tall x 45½" wide board instead. School purchase orders are gladly accepted.

Model Number Board Size
(Height x Width)
Weight Ships
GR-GC-304MA 32 x 45½" Non-Magnetic XY Grid Board 12 lbs. UPS Oversized
GR-GC-304HB 32" x 45½" Magnetic XY Grid Board 23 lbs. UPS Oversized

  • Overall Size: 32" Tall x 45.5" Wide
  • Available in a Magnetic Receptive or Non-Magnetic Format
  • Grid is approximately 3/4" square
  • Grid line thickness of 1/32"
  • X & Y Axis lines are bold Black and 1/8" thick.
  • There are 25 squares across and 17 squares down in each quadrant for a total of 425 squares
  • Custom prints are available for a small artwork fee. Contact customer service for assistance.
  • Magnetic Board weighs approximately 23 lbs.
  • Non-Magnetic Board weighs approximately 12 lbs.
  • Both magnetic and non-magnetic have to ship by UPS oversized.
  • Standard installation hardware included.
  • Normal lead-time is 3-5 business days to ship
  • School Purchase Orders Accepted
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    For Best Results:
  • Note that Expo or other Bristle type erasers may permanently damage the writing surface.
  • Do not use any cleaning chemicals which contain ammonia. Most glass cleaner contain ammonia.
  • Do not use any type of scrubbing sponges or other abrasive to clean the boards.
  • We strongly recommend using facial tissue or our Opti-Wipe™ washable micro-fiber cleaning cloths
  • For best results use a quality dry erase marker and wipe each board clean after use.