Twelve Month Dry Erase Planning Calendars

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Magnetic 12 Month Dry Erase Calendars
Magnetic 12 Month Dry Erase CalendarsMagnetic 12 Month Dry Erase CalendarsMagnetic 12 Month Dry Erase CalendarsMagnetic 12 Month Dry Erase Calendars

Twelve month dry erase planning calendars from OptiMA Inc.

Select from three popular sizes. 4' high x 4' wide, 4' x 6' or the larger 4' x 8' magnetic receptive, dry erase, twelve month calendars. You'll have plenty of room to plan out your entire year.

Special Feature: You select which month your 12 month calendar begins with. Schools often want their calendar to start with July, the first month of their fiscal year or in September when classes begin. You get to start with whichever month suits your needs the best.

Created with the OptiPrint™ method. Our exclusive manufacturing process that insures that the print is permanent and the dry erase writing surface is the best you can find anywhere giving you years of trouble free dry erase writing and erasing.

Tip: It is not recommended to clean these boards with anything containing ammonia which is found in most glass cleaners.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Month: Starts with January
GR-C-HBY-404-014' x 4' Starting in JanuaryTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-014' x 6' Starting in JanuaryTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-014' x 8' Starting in JanuaryTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with February
GR-C-HBY-404-024' x 4' Starting in FebruaryTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-024' x 6' Starting in FebruaryTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-024' x 8' Starting in FebruaryTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with March
GR-C-HBY-404-034' x 4' Starting in MarchTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-034' x 6' Starting in MarchTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-034' x 8' Starting in MarchTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with April
GR-C-HBY-404-044' x 4' Starting in AprilTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-044' x 6' Starting in AprilTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-044' x 8' Starting in AprilTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with May
GR-C-HBY-404-054' x 4' Starting in MayTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-054' x 6' Starting in MayTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-054' x 8' Starting in MayTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with June
GR-C-HBY-404-064' x 4' Starting in JuneTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-064' x 6' Starting in JuneTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-064' x 8' Starting in JuneTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with July
GR-C-HBY-404-074' x 4' Starting in JulyTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-074' x 6' Starting in JulyTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-074' x 8' Starting in JulyTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with August
GR-C-HBY-404-084' x 4' Starting in AugustTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-084' x 6' Starting in AugustTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-084' x 8' Starting in AugustTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with September
GR-C-HBY-404-094' x 4' Starting in SeptemberTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-094' x 6' Starting in SeptemberTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-094' x 8' Starting in SeptemberTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with October
GR-C-HBY-404-104' x 4' Starting in OctoberTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-104' x 6' Starting in OctoberTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-104' x 8' Starting in OctoberTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with November
GR-C-HBY-404-114' x 4' Starting in NovemberTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-114' x 6' Starting in NovemberTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-114' x 8' Starting in NovemberTruck80 lbs$469.95
Month: Starts with December
GR-C-HBY-404-124' x 4' Starting in DecemberTruck41 lbs$299.95
GR-C-HBY-406-124' x 6' Starting in DecemberTruck61 lbs$399.95
GR-C-HBY-408-124' x 8' Starting in DecemberTruck80 lbs$469.95

    4' x 4' Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Calendar:
  • Day Dimension: 1.91" tall x 2.09" wide
  • Date Dimension: 0.47" x 0.47"
  • Full length deep marker tray
  • Three rows of four months each.
  • Magnetic receptive
  • Ships with installation hardware
  • Ships: Truck
    4' x 6' Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Calendar:
  • Day Dimension: 2½" tall x 2⅛" wide.
  • Date Dimension: ½" x ½"
  • Full length deep marker tray
  • Four rows of three months each.
  • Magnetic receptive
  • Ships with installation hardware
  • Ships: Truck
    4' x 8' Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Calendar:
  • Day Dimension: 4" tall x 2" wide.
  • Date Dimension: ½" x ½"
  • Full length deep marker tray
  • Two rows of six months each
  • Magnetic receptive
  • Ships with installation hardware
  • Ships: Truck
    For Best Results:
  • Note that Expo or other Bristle type erasers may permanently damage the writing surface.
  • Do not use any cleaning chemicals which contain ammonia. Most glass cleaner contain ammonia.
  • Do not use any type of scrubbing sponges or other abrasive to clean the boards.
  • We strongly recommend using a soft cloth or our Opti-Wipe™ washable micro-fiber cleaning cloths
  • Use only high quality dry erase or damp erase markers.

Please note: Calendar measurements are approximate

*Notice: If you select any month other than January as your starting date that calendar will be considered custom and unfortunately cannot be returned. Orders are made to order so the lead-time is about 3-5 working days.