Bronze Indoor Letterboard Cabinet

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Bronze Indoor Letterboard Cabinet

Bronze Framed Letter Boards. These are beautiful indoor changeable letter boards that feature a really nice bronze finish powder coated aluminum frame. The grooved felt letter board can be ordered in one of five colors for the same cost. You no longer have to simply select the standard black felt letter board.

Each letter board cabinet comes with shatterproof acrylic windows and locking doors. and a set of two keys. Also included with these units is a 290 piece set of 3/4" Helvetica font letters and numbers. Other letter sets are available and sold separately.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 18"W x 24"H - 1 Door
UV-LBZ-1124-BKBlack LicoriceUPS20 lbs$277.95
UV-LBZ-1124-BLBarcelona BlueUPS20 lbs$277.95
UV-LBZ-1124-BUBurgundyUPS20 lbs$277.95
UV-LBZ-1124-GRHunter GreenUPS20 lbs$277.95
UV-LBZ-1124-GYGrayUPS20 lbs$277.95
Size: 24"W x 36"H - 1 Door
UV-LBZ-1125-BKBlack LicoriceUPS24 lbs$333.95
UV-LBZ-1125-BLBarcelona BlueUPS24 lbs$333.95
UV-LBZ-1125-BUBurgundyUPS24 lbs$333.95
UV-LBZ-1125-GRHunter GreenUPS24 lbs$333.95
UV-LBZ-1125-GYGrayUPS24 lbs$333.95
Size: 42"W x 32"H - 2 Doors
UV-LBZ-1125-5-BKBlack LicoriceTruck40 lbs$566.00
UV-LBZ-1125-5-BLBarcelona BlueTruck40 lbs$566.00
UV-LBZ-1125-5-BUBurgundyTruck40 lbs$566.00
UV-LBZ-1125-5-GRHunter GreenTruck40 lbs$566.00
UV-LBZ-1125-5-GYGrayTruck40 lbs$566.00
Size: 48"W x 36"H - 2 Doors
UV-LBZ-1126-BKBlack LicoriceTruck45 lbs$603.95
UV-LBZ-1126-BLBarcelona BlueTruck45 lbs$603.95
UV-LBZ-1126-BUBurgundyTruck45 lbs$603.95
UV-LBZ-1126-GRHunter GreenTruck45 lbs$603.95
UV-LBZ-1126-GYGrayTruck45 lbs$603.95
Size: 60"W x 36"H - 2 Doors
UV-LBZ-1127-BKBlack LicoriceTruck56 lbs$724.95
UV-LBZ-1127-BLBarcelona BlueTruck56 lbs$724.95
UV-LBZ-1127-BUBurgundyTruck56 lbs$724.95
UV-LBZ-1127-GRHunter GreenTruck56 lbs$724.95
UV-LBZ-1127-GYGrayTruck56 lbs$724.95
Size: 72"W x 36"H - 3 Doors
UV-LBZ-1128-BKBlack LicoriceTruck66 lbs$1,049.95
UV-LBZ-1128-BLBarcelona BlueTruck66 lbs$1,049.95
UV-LBZ-1128-BUBurgundyTruck66 lbs$1,049.95
UV-LBZ-1128-GRHunter GreenTruck66 lbs$1,049.95
UV-LBZ-1128-GYGrayTruck66 lbs$1,049.95
Size: 72"W x 48"H - 3 Doors
UV-LBZ-1129-BKBlack LicoriceTruck78 lbs$1,151.95
UV-LBZ-1129-BLBarcelona BlueTruck78 lbs$1,151.95
UV-LBZ-1129-BUBurgundyTruck78 lbs$1,151.95
UV-LBZ-1129-GRHunter GreenTruck78 lbs$1,151.95
UV-LBZ-1129-GYGrayTruck78 lbs$1,151.95

Case Dimensions:
  • 1" wide main frame.
  • 1 1/16" wide door frame.
  • 2" exterior depth 5/8" interior depth.
  • 290 piece set of 3/4" Helvetica font letters and numbers included
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