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Marsh Burlap Covered Bulletin Boards

Burlap Covered

Fabric covered bulletin boards and cork boards. What a wonderful way to add color to your office or classroom. Fabric covered cork boards work the same way as normal tan cork boards do in hiding tack holes but they add so much more color than traditional cork boards.

Each colored fabric unit is a class A rated Berwick pattern burlap fabric over a 1/2" thick piece of fiberboard which affords good pin penetration and strong hold and they look so much better than any institutional plan tan cork material ever would.

Select from four styles. You can get a traditional aluminum or solid oak trims. If you're looking for a more contemporary look may we suggest the wrapped edge units with either a square or radius cut corner. The burlap fabric is meticulously wrapped around the edges of the unit instead of framing them with oak or aluminum trims. These wrapped edge boards really stand out and look exceptional.

We're always available if you need further assistance selecting just the right cork board for your needs. We offer free colored fabric swatches so you can see the colors up close and determine if it will work for you before you purchase.

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