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Magnetic Receptive Glass Whiteboards

Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Magnetic glass whiteboards the beauty of glass with the function of steel. The following is a collection of high quality glass dry erase boards that have the erase-ability of glass yet are magnetic receptive. Elegant wall mounted units, contemporary free-standing boards and modern enclosed bulletin boards any of which would be sure to make a statement without sacrificing any functionality.

The opaque shatter resistant glass has thin steel backing which provides magnetic-receptiveness. Ultra smooth writing surfaces write and erase beautifully while looking absolutely stunning in any environment.

Given the thickness of the glass and the distance to the steel backing some magnets may not hold as expected on a steel surface. This is why we have unique super-strong glass board magnetic accessories. With super-strong neodymium magnets with rubberized backing they work exceptionally well on magnetic glass whiteboards.

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