Opti-Rite® Lite™ Self-Adhesive Dry Erase Material

Opti-Rite® Lite™

Opti-Rite® Lite™ is a flexible dry erase roll up material with a semi-permanent, self-adhesive backing from OptiMA Inc. Lite™ is also one of our two bestselling flexible dry erase materials. Opti-Rite® Ultra™ being the other.

Opti-Rite Lite™ has a high gloss, non-magnetic dry erase writing surface with an easy to use self-adhesive, peel-n-stick backing.

The major difference between Opti-Rite Lite and Ultra is the adhesive on the back of the materials. The adhesive on Opti-Rite® Lite™ is more aggressive and more of a semi-permanent solution making Lite™ the better solution for resurfacing existing chalkboards or worn out dry erase boards.

The writing surface is so good there really won't be any reason to remove it. However, if you're in a short-term lease, a home office or anywhere that you think you'll have a reason to remove your Opti-Rite® writing surface sooner, then we recommend the Opti-Rite® Ultra™.

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Opti-Rite Lite 50 Inch Tall
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
50" Wide Rolls
Semi-Permanent Adhesive
Made in the U.S.A.
$16.95 - $1799.95
9 Reviews
Opti-Rite Lite 60 Inch Tall
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
60" Wide Rolls
Semi-Permanent Adhesive
Made in the U.S.A.
$18.95 - $2099.95
3 Reviews