Locking Outdoor Dry Erase Cabinet

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Outdoor Whiteboard Cabinets
Outdoor Whiteboard Cabinets

With a porcelain steel, magnetic dry erase writing surface.

Now you can simply write and erase your messages as quickly as you like on a secure dry erase writing surface. Be as creative as you wish and change your message as often as you like by simply wiping away the dry erase marker.

Because the writing surface is made from a porcelain steel material you can also use magnets to hold up printed forms, posters or notices as well.

The doors are made of a shatter proof clear acrylic material and the doors are hung on full-length piano hinges with tumbler locks for added security.

The outdoor enclosed dry erase boards have a weather resistant aluminum backing with silicone sealant around the edges. There are also drain holes in the bottom of the whiteboard cabinet to facilitate ventilation and drainage should any moisture accumulate in the units. Without ventilation your unit would overheat in the sun.

It is recommended that you mount your enclosed dry erase cabinet where it is somewhat protected from the elements. This will ensure that they perform all that much better for you at protecting your notices.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
UV-OEDE-85018" Wide x 24" Tall - 1 DoorUPS17 lbs$257.95
UV-OEDE-85124" Wide x 36" Tall - 1 DoorUPS20 lbs$292.95
UV-OEDE-85236" Wide x 36" Tall - 1 DoorUPS28 lbs$380.95
UV-OEDE-85348" Wide x 36" Tall - 2 DoorTruck37 lbs$519.00
UV-OEDE-85460" Wide x 36" Tall - 2 DoorTruck46 lbs$655.95
UV-OEDE-85572" Wide x 36" Tall - 3 DoorTruck58 lbs$1,021.95
UV-OEDE-85672" Wide x 48" Tall - 3 DoorTruck79 lbs$1,035.95
UV-OEDE-85796" Wide x 48" Tall - 3 DoorTruck105 lbs$1,103.95

    Features & Case Dimensions:
  • Main Frame: 1" wide
  • Door Frame: 1 7/16" wide
  • Exterior Depth: 2" Deep
  • Interior Depth: 5/8" Deep.
  • Writing Surface: Porcelain Steel Dry Erase
  • Magnetic Receptive
  • Window(s): Shatter proof clear acrylic
  • Doors: Hung on full-length piano hinge
  • Locks: Tumbler Locks - 2 keys provided
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