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More Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum Trim
More Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum TrimMore Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum Trim

Vinyl covered bulletin boards are a favorite with classrooms and offices alike because of their washable surface and bright, contemporary colors. Put these colorful vinyl bulletin boards up next to a classic, institutional cork bulletin board and there is no comparison.

The textured vinyl fabric actually masks pin holes created by repeated tacking and the tack surface features a fabric backing that adds durability.

Vinyl covered bulletin boards or message boards are an excellent choice for the classroom, the office or other heavy usage applications. We have a variety of sizes and ten really appealing designer colors to choose from.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 18" Tall x 24" Wide
GM-AF-018-181CaramelUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-183EbonyUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-185IvoryUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-187BerryUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-189MintUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-191OceanUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-193SilverUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-195NavyUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-197SpruceUPS12 lbs$45.00
GM-AF-018-199StoneUPS12 lbs$45.00
Size: 2' Tall x 3' Wide
GM-AF-023-181CaramelUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-183EbonyUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-185IvoryUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-187BerryUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-189MintUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-191OceanUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-193SilverUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-195NavyUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-197SpruceUPS18 lbs$56.50
GM-AF-023-199StoneUPS18 lbs$56.50
Size: 3' Tall x 4' Wide
GM-AF-034-181CaramelTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-183EbonyTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-185IvoryTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-187BerryTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-189MintTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-191OceanTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-193SilverTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-195NavyTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-197SpruceTruck35 lbs$90.95
GM-AF-034-199StoneTruck35 lbs$90.95
Size: 3' Tall x 5' Wide
GM-AF-035-181CaramelTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-183EbonyTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-185IvoryTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-187BerryTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-189MintTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-191OceanTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-193SilverTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-195NavyTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-197SpruceTruck16 lbs$139.60
GM-AF-035-199StoneTruck16 lbs$139.60
Size: 4' Tall x 4' Wide
GM-AF-044-181CaramelTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-183EbonyTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-185IvoryTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-187BerryTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-189MintTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-191OceanTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-193SilverTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-195NavyTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-197SpruceTruck17 lbs$135.50
GM-AF-044-199StoneTruck17 lbs$135.50
Size: 4' Tall x 5' Wide
GM-AF-045-181CaramelTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-183EbonyTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-185IvoryTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-187BerryTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-189MintTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-191OceanTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-193SilverTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-195NavyTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-197SpruceTruck21 lbs$148.50
GM-AF-045-199StoneTruck21 lbs$148.50
Size: 4' Tall x 6' Wide
GM-AF-046-181CaramelTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-183EbonyTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-185IvoryTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-187BerryTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-189MintTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-191OceanTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-193SilverTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-195NavyTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-197SpruceTruck26 lbs$171.60
GM-AF-046-199StoneTruck26 lbs$171.60
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
GM-AF-048-181CaramelTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-183EbonyTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-185IvoryTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-187BerryTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-189MintTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-191OceanTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-193SilverTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-195NavyTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-197SpruceTruck33 lbs$222.40
GM-AF-048-199StoneTruck33 lbs$222.40
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
GM-AF-410-181CaramelTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-183EbonyTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-185IvoryTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-187BerryTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-189MintTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-191OceanTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-193SilverTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-195NavyTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-197SpruceTruck40 lbs$283.95
GM-AF-410-199StoneTruck40 lbs$283.95
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
GM-AF-412-181CaramelTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-183EbonyTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-185IvoryTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-187BerryTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-189MintTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-191OceanTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-193SilverTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-195NavyTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-197SpruceTruck48 lbs$337.50
GM-AF-412-199StoneTruck48 lbs$337.50

  • 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Aluminum trim
  • Washable Vinyl Tack Surface
  • Choice of 10 colors
  • Choice of 10 sizes.
  • Quick Ship: Units will ship from the factory in 2-3 working days. Add transit time to your location.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • PremaTak surface features a fabric backing for durability
  • All units are custom made to your color specifications.
  • Free color swatches are always available through customer service before ordering.
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By Denise P.
Bulletin Board
August 22, 2016
The vinyl bulletin board ordered was more than expected. Excellent quality.
By Becky W.
Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards
September 23, 2015
Great product, excellent packaging, our project looks great!