Colored Dry Erase Boards

Colored Dry Erase Boards

Colored dry erase boards. You can't really call them whiteboards any longer. Now you can add fun and excitement to any kid's room, home office, classroom or office environment by adding color to your dry erase writing surface. Adding color to your work space can take away the dull and boring and help to bring out creativity and excitement. Why settle for a simple white dry erase board when you can have color? Orange, red, yellow, green, blue and more.

Now there's no reason not have a colorful dry erase board. has a large selection of colorful dry erase boards. Sunburst™ colored dry erase boards are made by OptiMA™ using Prism-Lock™ technology. An exclusive method of creating colorful magnetic dry erase boards where the colors are fused directly into the writing surface. No special magnets required.Use any type of magnet or magnetic accessory. Sunburst™ colored boards are made in the U.S.A.

Colored glass boards. We also offer a number of colored glass dry erase boards with a smooth glass writing surface. These glass boards are also magnetic receptive when you use rare earth type magnets.

Portable colored boards allow you to bring color into any room or environment. Double sided, magnetic receptive writing surfaces available in fun colors.

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