Rockin' Roll Up™ Mini Music Staff Magnet

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Single Staff Roll-Up Music Magnets
Single Staff Roll-Up Music MagnetsSingle Staff Roll-Up Music MagnetsSingle Staff Roll-Up Music MagnetsSingle Staff Roll-Up Music Magnets

Rockin' Roll Up™ Single Staff Magnet makes mobile music teaching even easier! Rolled up to just over ten inches tall, these music staff magnets roll out to fit on the most popular magnetic dry erase board widths. Available in sizes to fit 4, 6 and 8 foot wide boards.

These are flexible magnet sheets printed with a five line set of bold black music staff and coated with a high quality dry erase writing surface.

These are the perfect option where a dedicated music staff whiteboard isn't an option and the larger Rockin' Roll Up™ Music Magnets are too big to easily store or transport.

These are small enough to store out of the way on your dry erase board and versatile to give you flexibility in the classroom.

Need more staffs to create a grand staff or just need more space? Consider doubling up on single staff magnets or go with the original full-size 5 staff Rockin' Roll Up™ Music Magnets

Magnet Size
(Height x Width)
GR-MS-MAG-S-104 10.5" Tall x 45.25" W UPS 3 lbs.
GR-MS-MAG-S-106 10.5" Tall x 68.5" W UPS 4.5 lbs.
GR-MS-MAG-S-108 10.5" Tall x 92.5" W UPS 6 lbs.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Heavy duty magnetic sheet will stick to any steel surface.
  • Single set of music staff lines covered with our exclusive clear dry erase writing surface.
  • Ships with 1 Black dry erase marker and 1 Opti-Wipe™ wiping cloth
  • Rolls up for easy storage.
  • Roll with Print Out for proper storage
  • Three Stock Sizes: 10.5" x 45.25", 10.5" x 68.5" and 10.5" x 92.5"
  • Always wipe clean with soft cloth
  • Do not use any harsh scrubbing pads or bristle type eraser to clean. This will scratch your writing surface.
  • Normal lead-time of about 2-3 working days to ship.
  • All sizes ship by UPS
  • School purchase orders gladly accepted.