Framed, Wall Mounted Sports Whiteboards

Wall Mounted Sport Whiteboards

OptiMA Inc. makes dry erase sports whiteboards that are framed and mounted to your locker room wall with installation hardware which is included with each unit.

The boards come with wonderful full-color prints of the full court or field and then a smaller blowup of the goal area. You have the option of selecting a magnetic receptive board which will accept magnets and magnetic accessories or if you have no plans for using these then you can select a slightly less expensive non-magnetic receptive version of the exact same board. Both options, magnetic or non-magnetic have the exact same writing surface but the magnetic version has a steel substrate behind the print that allows the use of magnets.

The trim is a really nice, heavy gauge, satin anodized aluminum and each board comes with a full-length marker tray. All of our wall-mounted sports whiteboards are made in our own factory in Massachusetts.

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