Dry Erase Panels, Melamine and Magnetic

Replacement Panels and Skins

The same quality writing and tack surfaces used in our display board product line are available in unframed sheets. Whether you need full-sized panels or custom cut to your specifications, OptiMA is your source for chalk, marker and tackable panels. We have a huge selection of options to make your job easier.

Magnetic Porcelain Steel Whiteboards and Chalkboards - 28-gauge porcelain steel chalkboard on 1/2" fiberboard with .002 aluminum foil backer: available in white, green or black.

Magnetic Porcelain Skin Only - made of 24-gauge porcelain steel. Available in Green or Black Chalkboard or White Dry Erase Marker board.

Cork Board Panels-1/16" natural tan pebble cork on 1/2" fiberboard for tack wall surfacing or 1/32" natural tan pebble cork laminated to 3/8" fiberboard.

Note that all of these panels are meant to be finished off with a frame and not hung directly onto a wall. If you are looking to make a dry erase wall then see our section Dry Erase Boards - Full Height Walls.

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