Opti-Rite® 4 Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Wall Covering with Ghost Grid

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Opti-Rite 4  Grid Magnetic

Opti-Rite® magnetic dry erase wall covering with a grid pattern. This is a moderate gloss, dry erase wall covering that is 48" wide and comes in rolls up to 75' long. It is available in custom cut lengths as well. There is a ghost or light grid pattern of approximately 2" x 2".

This magnetic dry erase wall covering if flexible so it can be rolled up and shipped in a heavy duty UPS shipping tube in rolls up to 75'.

Opti-Rite® 4-MAG is magnetic receptive meaning that it will hold light magnetic accessories. It is not a magnet itself and it will not stick to metal surfaces on its own. You install Opti-Rite® 4-MAG using an adhesive which is sold separately and similar to wall paper adhesive. High powered magnets are recommended.

Your installer should be familiar with installing a heavy vinyl type wall covering. You can resurface existing chalkboards or whiteboards or apply directly onto a smooth, non-porous, painted wall. You should completely clean the materials after installation before use. This material is Not recommended for full-wall installations.

Please note that custom cut rolls of Opti-Rite® are not returnable.

Model # Description Shipping
ORG-MRG-006 6' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-5 Business Days
ORG-MRG-012 12' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-5 Business Days
ORG-MRG-025 25' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-5 Business Days
ORG-MRG-050 50' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-5 Business Days
ORG-MRG-075 75' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-3 Business Days
ORG-MRG-CUS Custom Length Roll of Opti-Rite® 4 Mag UPS 2-5 Business Days

*Lead-time is days to leave the factory.

All stock size rolls are shipped a little large to account for cutting, etc.

If you are purchasing several rolls it is usually preferred by your installer that they can cut the length required themselves so you'll want to add up all of the lengths and order a single custom length roll. Add a few feet for cutting and measuring mistakes, etc.

Poly-Rite® Adhesive is a "semi-permanent" adhesive with a coverage of about 200 square feet per gallon. This is an excellent semi-permanent adhesive. It can be replaced with a heavy duty clear or clay removable vinyl wallpaper adhesive found at any professional paint and wall paper store.

Opti-Rite® 4-MAG dry erase wall covering can ship by UPS and is a Trademark of OptiMA, Inc. Poly-Rite® is a Registered Trademark of Marsh Industries Inc.

*Professional installation by a qualified wall paper installer is recommended for this product.

Accessory Items:

Order custom length rolls of Opti-Rite 4-MAG. A 48" wide custom length roll of moderate gloss, white magnetic receptive dry erase material with a 2x2 ghost grid. To get a custom length roll simply enter the length you need in the box. Minimum length roll is 4' - Maximum length roll is 75'.

Price: $58.00
Enter Length: (in feet)
SKU: OMI-97-50000

This is a semi-permanent adhesive. One gallon should be enough adhesive to cover approximately 250 square feet.

If you are concerned about being able to remove the wall covering at a later date we suggest using a Heavy Duty Clay or Clear, Strippable Adhesive available at any local paint and wall paper outlet. 1 Gallon should cover about the same.

Price: $53.00

Some additional and helpful suggestions for installing the heavier Opti-Rite® 2 & Opti-Rite® 4-MAG.