Magnetic Shapes for Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

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Magnetic Shapes
Magnetic ShapesMagnetic ShapesMagnetic ShapesMagnetic ShapesMagnetic Shapes

Die cut magnetic shapes. The perfect 3/4" tall magnetic shapes for use on magnetic dry erase boards, calendars or office planning and scheduling boards.

All of these magnetic shapes are sold in sets of 20 and are available in seven colors; White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and Orange.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Shape: 3/4 Inch Circle
MV-F1-12-1WhiteUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-2YellowUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-3RedUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-5BlueUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-6GreenUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-7BlackUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-12-9OrangeUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
Shape: 3/4 Inch Triangle
OMV-F1-32-1WhiteUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-2YellowUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-3RedUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-5BlueUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-6GreenUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-7BlackUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-32-9OrangeUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
Shape: 3/4 Inch Star
OMV-F1-52-1WhiteUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-52-2YellowUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-52-3RedUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
MV-F1-52-5BlueUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-52-6GreenUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-52-7BlackUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-52-9OrangeUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
Shape: 3/4 Inch Square
OMV-F1-22-1WhiteUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-2YellowUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-3RedUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-5BlueUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-6GreenUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-7BlackUPS0.14 lbs$5.25
OMV-F1-22-9OrangeUPS0.14 lbs$5.25

  • Four Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle and Stars
  • Seven Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and Orange.
  • Die cut from .030 mil thick magnetic stock.
  • Packed 20 units per set
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Ships by UPS
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