Resurfacing Old Chalkboards or Worn Out Dry Erase Boards

Resurfacing Options offers a variety of easy and exciting alternatives for resurfacing existing whiteboards or worn chalkboards that work really well.

Option 1: Peel-N-Stick Panels: A magnetic receptive porcelain steel skin that are installed using the peel and stick adhesive on the backs of each panel. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. This adhesive is extremely strong. In fact if you installed it directly onto a dry wall you better plan on it staying there because it won't come off.

If you select to use the peel-n-stick panels you measure the inside dimensions of your existing boards from right to left and top to bottom. Then we custom cut the peel-n-stick dry erase or chalk board panels to fit exactly over your existing boards again alleviating any need for removing existing boards.

Option 2: Retro-Fit Panels: These are fully framed magnetic skins on a 1/4" hardboard sub-strait. Retro-Fit panels are made of white, porcelain steel, magnetic dry erase boards that are custom made to fit over your existing boards utilizing your existing frames and eliminating the need of removing old boards. This is a big plus especially in older buildings where you could run the risk of asbestos behind existing boards.

Retrofit panels have a small satin anodized 1/2" aluminum trim around all four sides and the dry erase panels are 1/4" in overall thickness. The Retrofit whiteboards are mounted directly over your existing boards using the self-tapping screws and factory pre-drilled holes in the panel. We pre-drill the holes for you and provide the hardware necessary for installation.

Option 3: Opti-Rite® Flexible Dry Erase Wall Coverings: A large selection of magnetic and non-magnetic receptive dry erase wall coverings that can be used to resurface existing chalkboards or worn out dry erase boards. The most popular Opti-Rite® option is the Opti-Rite® Ultra™ with an easy to use peel-n-stick backing.

Category Contents
Peel and Stick Dry Erase Skins
Peel-N-Stick magnetic dry erase skins. Also available in Green and Black Chalkboard.
$66.21 - $608.52
2 Reviews
Retrofit Replacement Dry Erase Boards
Fully framed units custom made to fit right over your existing boards. Pre-drilled for easy installation.
$287.00 - $725.00
Chalkboard Peel and Stick Panels
Green or Black Porcelain Steel, Magnetic Chalk board skins.
$66.21 - $396.90