Retro-Fit Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Panels

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Retrofit Replacement Dry Erase Boards

Easy to mount dry erase replacement skins that are actually framed. These retro-fit boards are more than just a dry erase skin. They are made with 28-gauge porcelain steel dry erase boards mounted to a 1/4" rigid hardboard core with a Mylar backer and have an aluminum trim. The trim comes with pre-drilled installation holes.

Retrofit panels are designed to easily fit right over existing chalkboards or marker boards with either wood or aluminum frames.

Panels up to 16' (192") ship as a single panel. Custom sizes over 16' are available through customer service. Retrofit boards over 16' or 192" in length will ship as two pieces and be connected with a white painted H-bar in the center of the panel. Backed by a 50 year warranty on the writing surface.

No need to remove existing chalk tray or board. The system re-uses the chalk tray and avoids the labor and expense of removing existing boards. It also reduces the risk of discovering any type of Asbestos or other hidden hazards behind existing boards.

For existing boards with wood frames, measure from the inside of the trim as shown here.      For existing boards with aluminum trim, measure from the outside of the existing aluminum trim to the top of the marker tray as shown here.

*Because these are all custom heights and lengths it is recommended that orders be either phoned into our customer service department or faxed into our office. Contact customer service toll free at 866-366-1500. You can order online but please be sure to enter the exact sizes for each panel in the "Comments" section of the checkout pages.

Made in the USA 50 Year warranty on the writing surface. Magnetic whiteboard.
*50 year manufacturer's warranty on porcelain steel writing surface.

Size Shipping MethodShipping
MI-PR-404RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 48 3/8"Truck37 lbs$287.00
MI-PR-406RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 72 3/8"Truck57 lbs$295.00
MI-PR-408RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 96 3/8"Truck74 lbs$322.00
MI-PR-410RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 120 3/8"Truck99 lbs$470.00
MI-PR-412RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 144 3/8"Truck129 lbs$526.00
MI-PR-416RFUp to 48 3/8" x up to 192 3/8"Truck161 lbs$725.00