Melamine Dry Erase Panels

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Melamine Dry Erase Panels

Good quality 1/4" thick Melamine non-magnetic receptive dry erase writing surface panels. You can custom cut this material fairly easily to fit your needs and it comes only in white.

The normal lead time is about 4-5 business days for the Melamine panels to ship out from our factory in Massachusetts.

You can order a single panel or save money and purchase in bulk packs. We offer 2 panels per carton as well as a 4 panel bulk pack. These panels are sold as full, un-cut panels only.

If you are purchasing only a single sheet of Melamine 4x6 or 4x8 panel you may want to look at our Opti-Rite Lite® self adhesive dry erase materials. They work out cheaper because they roll up and can ship by UPS vs. Truck saving you a lot of money!

Stock Number Dimensions and Pack Size Pack Size Ships
GR-P-MEL-406 4' x 6' Melamine Single Panel Truck
GR-P-MEL-406-2 4' x 6' Melamine Two Panels Truck
GR-P-MEL-406-4 4' x 6' Melamine Four Panels Truck
GR-P-MEL-408 4' x 8' Melamine Single Panel Truck
GR-P-MEL-408-2 4' x 8' Melamine Two Panels Truck
GR-P-MEL-408-4 4' x 8' Melamine Four Panels Truck