Colored Vinyl Chart Tape for Layout Boards

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Vinyl Chart Tape
Vinyl Chart TapeVinyl Chart TapeVinyl Chart TapeVinyl Chart TapeVinyl Chart Tape

Self-sticking vinyl tape in six colors and three widths. Vinyl chart tape is used on walls and on dry erase boards to make divisions, lines or sections. Use our colored vinyl chart tape to create custom scheduling boards, production or planning.

Colorful vinyl chart tape is inexpensive way to customize any dry erase board. It allows you to create custom columns and rows and because the lines aren't permanent you can easily remove them to change your chart or graph to suit your needs.

Heavy duty self-sticking vinyl chart tape. Create lines on dry erase boards. Colorful vinyl tape in three sizes for creating charts, signs and more. You can use our colored vinyl chart tape to economically create vertical and horizontal lines, flow charts, graphs, planning calendars or any other type of visual aid on any whiteboard.

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ColorShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Size: 1/16" x 54'
OMV-CT-2-BLKBlackUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-BLUBlueUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-GRNGreenUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-REDRedUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-WHTWhiteUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-YELYellowUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
Size: 1/8" x 324"
MV-CT-4-BLKBlackUPS0.03 lbs$5.62
OMV-CT-4-BLUBlueUPS0.03 lbs$5.62
OMV-CT-4-GRNGreenUPS0.03 lbs$5.62
MV-CT-4-REDRedUPS0.03 lbs$5.62
OMV-CT-4-WHTWhiteUPS0.03 lbs$3.95
OMV-CT-4-YELYellowUPS0.03 lbs$5.62
Size: 1/4" x 324"
MV-CT-8-BLKBlackUPS0.03 lbs$6.57
OMV-CT-8-BLUBlueUPS0.03 lbs$6.57
OMV-CT-8-GRNGreenUPS0.03 lbs$6.57
OMV-CT-8-REDRedUPS0.03 lbs$6.57
OMV-CT-8-WHTWhiteUPS0.03 lbs$4.95
OMV-CT-8-YELYellowUPS0.03 lbs$6.57

    Product Specifications:
  • Available in six colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green
  • Three tape widths:
    • Small - CT-2 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/16" X 648" (54' per roll)
    • Medium - CT-4 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/8" X 324" (27' per roll)
    • Large - CT-8 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/4" X 324" (27' per roll)
  • Product is in stock and usually ships in 1-2 business days
  • Expedited shipping methods available