Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper

Opti-Rite Dry Erase Wall Covering

Opti-Rite® dry erase wall coverings are the most trusted brand of flexible dry erase materials on the market today. Now you can resurface those dirty, worn out dry erase boards and chalkboards without having to replace the whole board. Opti-Rite® dry erase materials let you think, collaborate and explore new ideas without borders.

Besides resurfacing, you can also create full dry erase walls from floor to ceiling. Apply Opti-Rite® to any smooth painted wall or hard surface. Opti-Rite will give you a brand new, high quality dry erase writing surface.

Peel and Stick Options: Some of the Opti-Rite™ materials have a peel and stick or self-adhesive backing. Others need an adhesive. The self-adhesive materials lend themselves to resurfacing projects. You can also use them on walls or any smooth surface.

These Require Adhesive for Installation: These are Opti-Rite® materials that require an adhesive for installation. They're great for larger wall applications and are best installed by a professional.

Magnetic Receptive Options - These Opti-Rite® materials are magnetic receptive meaning you can use your favorite magnets and magnetic accessories.

Matte or Low Gloss Materials: A low gloss material that is dry erase and can be used for a projector at the same time. Bonus: Ours are also magnetic receptive!

Opti-Rite® is a registered trademark of OptiMA™ Inc.

Category Contents
Opti-Rite Mag Self Adhesive
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
47.25" Wide Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Material with a Strong Self-Adhesive Backing.
$24.95 - $1250.00
1 Review
Opti-Rite&#174 2 Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Coverings
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
Bright White 47.25" wide Magnetic receptive dry erase wall covering. Fabric Backed.
$24.95 - $1600.00
Low Gloss Opti-Rite® 2 Magnetic 47"
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
Magnetic Matte Finish!
Low Gloss 47.25" wide Low Gloss Dry Erase Wall Covering.
$25.95 - $1495.00
Low Gloss Opti-Rite® 2 Magnetic 59 Inch
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
Magnetic Matte Finish!
Low Gloss 59.05" Wide Low Gloss Dry Erase Wall Covering.
$26.95 - $1560.00
Opti-Rite Clear 51 Inch Tall
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
Order whatever length roll you want of Opti-Rite® Clear 51" materials.
$18.95 - $2175.00
2 Reviews
Opti-Rite® Basic Dry Erase Wallpaper 48" Non-Magnetic
Opti-Rite® Basic Dry Erase Wallpaper 48" Non-Magnetic
$11.95 - $600.00
Opti-Rite 4 Ghost Grid
Light ghost grid pattern approximately 2" x 2"
Requires Adhesive
$184.00 - $2876.00
Opti-Rite Magnetic Grid
Magnetic with ghost grid pattern of approximately 2" x 2"
Requires Adhesive.
$343.00 - $4000.00
Opti-Rite Dry Erase Tape
24-48 Hour QUICK SHIP!
2" and 4" Wide x 25' Rolls of Self-Adhesive Opti-Rite® Labeling Tape.
$9.95 - $28.95
1 Review
Dorm Room Dry Erase Kits
Peel-n-Stick Dry Erase. Easy to install. Perfect for Dorm Rooms and Offices.
Made in the U.S.A.
$18.95 - $24.95
2 Reviews
Opti-Rite White Acrylic Primer
White Acrylic Primer & Sizing. Promotes Easier Stripping
1 Gallon
Price $34.95
Opti-Rite Semi-Permanent Adhesive
Clay based semi-permanent adhesive covers 250 S.F.
Primer Recommended
Price $29.95
Easy-Apply Application Kit
Optional installation for Opti-Rite Easy and Lite.
Price $18.95
5 Reviews