Oak Framed Burlap Fabric Bulletin Boards

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Oak Framed Burlap
Oak Framed BurlapOak Framed BurlapOak Framed BurlapOak Framed BurlapOak Framed Burlap

Fabric covered bulletin boards with solid oak frames. Each fabric covered bulletin board is framed in furniture quality red oak frame to enhance their appeal to interior designers and the most picky bosses.

Oak framed fabric bulletin boards up to and including the 33 1/2" x 45 1/2" will have a 1 1/4" face trim. Bulletin boards 4' x 4' and larger will have a 2" face trim. Our oak framed fabric covered bulletin boards give you the ultimate in fabric covered bulletin board options.

Beautiful oak frames offer stylish designs with contemporary colors and fabrics. These fabric covered bulletin boards are great for use in the office, reception area, boardroom or classroom. Our exclusive Midnight Black #0030 is one of our most popular color options.

These fabric covered bulletin boards come in nine contemporary burlap fabric colors. We will send out fabric swatches to your office to assist you with your color selection free of charge.

All oak framed burlap bulletin boards over the size of 33.5" x 45.5" must ship by truck since they are too large to go any other way.

Because we offer so many sizes in so many color options, these fabric bulletin boards are all made to order so there is a lead-time of about 10-12 working days to ship from the factory.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 2' Tall x 3' Wide
MI-WB-203-0019AmethystUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0022RoseUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0024SageUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0025Sea BlueUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0026DuskUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0027Autumn BlendUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0028Soft BeigeUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0029Light GrayUPS18 lbs$79.50
MI-WB-203-0030Midnight BlackUPS18 lbs$79.50
Size: 33 1/2" Tall x 45 1/2" Wide
MI-WB-304-0019AmethystUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0022RoseUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0024SageUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0025Sea BlueUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0026DuskUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0027Autumn BlendUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0028Soft BeigeUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0029Light GrayUPS33 lbs$120.00
MI-WB-304-0030Midnight BlackUPS33 lbs$120.00
Size: 4' Tall x 4' Wide
MI-WB-404-0019AmethystTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0022RoseTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0024SageTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0025Sea BlueTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0026DuskTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0027Autumn BlendTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0028Soft BeigeTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0029Light GrayTruck23 lbs$201.00
MI-WB-404-0030Midnight BlackTruck23 lbs$201.00
Size: 4' Tall x 6' Wide
MI-WB-406-0019AmethystTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0022RoseTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0024SageTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0025Sea BlueTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0026DuskTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0027Autumn BlendTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0028Soft BeigeTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0029Light GrayTruck37 lbs$270.75
MI-WB-406-0030Midnight BlackTruck37 lbs$270.75
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
MI-WB-408-0019AmethystTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0022RoseTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0024SageTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0025Sea BlueTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0026DuskTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0027Autumn BlendTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0028Soft BeigeTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0029Light GrayTruck48 lbs$319.50
MI-WB-408-0030Midnight BlackTruck48 lbs$319.50
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
MI-WB-410-0019AmethystTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0022RoseTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0024SageTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0025Sea BlueTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0026DuskTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0027Autumn BlendTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0028Soft BeigeTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0029Light GrayTruck65 lbs$403.75
MI-WB-410-0030Midnight BlackTruck65 lbs$403.75
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
MI-WB-412-0019AmethystTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0022RoseTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0024SageTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0025Sea BlueTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0026DuskTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0027Autumn BlendTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0028Soft BeigeTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0029Light GrayTruck83 lbs$462.00
MI-WB-412-0030Midnight BlackTruck83 lbs$462.00

  • Burlap Covered Bulletin Boards
  • Solid oak wood frame
  • Burlap weave fabric covering 1/2" fiberboard
  • 1 1/4" wide trim face on units up to and including 33 1/2" x 45 1/2"
  • 2" wide trim face on units 4' x 4' and larger
  • L-Clip Installation hardware included
  • 8 Fabric colors to choose from
  • If color match is critical, OptiMA recommends that you request a free fabric sample before ordering
  • Units are considered custom
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lead Time: Normally 10-12 business days.
  • Units 4' x 4' and larger Ship by Truck
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, wood dust which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov